Richard Carte (1808-1891)


A composer and flautist of some standing, who took lessons with George Rudall in about 1822-23 and in 1842 was a member of Julien’s band. He played at the Royal Opera, Covent Garden 1843-47, and became a partner in the firm of Rudall Carte & Co. in about 1851.


He set about making improvements and additions to the Boehm system and was awarded a medal at the Great Exhibition for his 1851 patent Cylinder Flute with Parabola Head Joint. This was followed by his 1867 patent system which was a combination of his own 1851 model and that of Boehm.


In 1878, Carte became sole proprietor of Rudall Carte & Co. operating from 23 Berners Street.



He was father of Richard D’Oyly Carte, of Gilbert and Sullivan fame and Henry W. Carte, who worked in the business, retiring in 1895.














                                                                    Henry W. Carte, died 1926





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