Broadcasting Flautists


Players who made BBC Broadcasts during the first half of the twentieth century.



1926-1947 (Manchester)                                    1948-1951 (National)


Frank O’Donnell                                                  Harold Clarke

George Rutherford                                               Ronald Gillham

Harry Dobson                                                      William Blaise

  R.Burgess                                                              William Blundell

      Arthur Redfern                                                    Robert Boddington

Harold Wood                                                       Lambert Flack

John Crossley-Hayes                                           Robert Hanlon

 Percy Anderton                                                   Lionel Solomon

Carrie Millars                                                      Albert Waggett

 Almena Marshall                                                Winifred Gaskell

Nancy Thirlwell                                                  George Barrett

       Frank Johnson                                                     Gervase Markham

Ernest Fryer                                                         Joseph Slater

Roy Richardson                                                  Arthur Hedges

                                                                           Joseph Lingard

                                                                           J. F. Ridgway

                                                                           Vernon Harris

                                                                           Bill Thorn



Note: This is by no means a complete list but all of these flautists were regular broadcasters












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