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Prelude and  Fantasy for flute  or recorder sextet

Fantasy and Prelude to Fantasy:

for recorder sextet (or flute sextet)

Download electronic preview of Prelude to Fantasy      

Download electronic preview of Fantasy                     

This was written originally as a song to an unsuspecting lady in our choir, followed by a lengthy instrumental fantasy. I don't think she ever heard the song... And she certainly didn’t know I had an interest ..... Ah well! Just as well really!

("I'll take you on a prelude to fantasy. . .")

this version is for 6 recorders or 6 flutes. It is still awaiting a live performance, so this is an electronic rendering by Philip Goddard.

Sample page of score (pdf)

Scores available at SheetMusicPlus:

Prelude and Fantasy For Flute Sextet (Piccolo, 4 Flutes in C and Alto Flute in G). Published by Musik Fabrik. (mfdws050fl)

Prelude and Fantasy For Recorder Sextet (DDAATB). Published by Musik Fabrik. (mfdws050r)

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