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Details And Serenade


for violin and guitar                       Video

Download mp3 of  “Details” for violin and guitar

Story behind the piece:

Way back in the 70s there was a little misunderstanding. . . .

The final result was a musical outburst to express the "details" of it all.

The basic message is - let's get on with life!

This live performance comes from those days:

violinist: Tim Hillier, guitarist: David Solomons,

recording engineer: Pete Weston, venue: Westminster College Chapel, near Oxford

Score available here

Serenade and Details

for wind quintet                             Video


Download mp3 of Serenade for wind quintet

Download mp3 of Details for wind quintet

Story behind the piece:

This wind quintet - composed 18 years later - was based on my "Serenade in the summer residence" (for voice and guitar) and on the above "Details" and was first performed in 1995 by the Thalia quintet at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester

The original recording of the performance went missing but the above realisation created using the Synful plugin for Sonar 3 gives a reasonably lifelike electronic preview of the piece.


Score available here

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