Typesetting costs


The essential idea behind Da Capo Music Ltd. is that


We want to see today's composers published and performed and therefore do not put any restriction on publication such as the number of times the work has been performed or broadcast.  Our only criteria are that you the composer are satisfied with it and wish it to be published, and that its typesetting is technically possible.

We typeset with Finale and print at 1200 dpi.

We do not hire out music, as the low costs enable it to be bought at a fraction of the normal hiring fee, enabling your performers to have limitless rehearsal time and further performances without re-hiring.

The normal commercial costs of typesetting for a private individual are very high

Ours are minimal by comparison.

1. A lifetime "membership" fee of £30.  Thereafter, all charges will relate to the individual works submitted.

The membership covers;

a: registration of the composer.

b: cost of sending proof copies, and access to your work for re-editing etc.

c: protection of your copyright.

d: inclusion in the catalogue.

e: marketing, sales and export costs.

f: one copy of your published work to be sent to British Library Copyright.

2. For each work subsequently submitted and published, a typesetting fee will be made, dependant upon the length and complexity of the setting.

Normally this is £30 for the first 4 pages of A4, thereafter as below, which breaks down the charges according to the difficulty of the setting.

3.  After one year, the composer pays a "holding fee" of £3 per work per year to continue the costs of marketing and administration.

If the composer does not wish to have a specific work retained in the catalogue, any orders from him or her for that work would be treated as outside orders.  This would not affect in any way other of their works in the catalogue.

4. The composer will normally receive on publication 6 free copies of their work, and may purchase any further copies at trade discount, with any works by other composers published by Da Capo Music Ltd attracting a 25% discount.  Any sales by Da Capo Music Ltd. will also gain the composer 10% of the price at which the music was sold.

5. Previously typeset works (on Finale or Sibelius) will attract a negotiable editing fee to

bring them into our house style.

Typesetting Charges to In-House Composers

Basic Typesetting for the first 4 pages - £ 30;  then

Solo to small chamber music (per page)

1-8 staves easy  medium  complex

  £5  £7   £9

Chamber music to small orchestra

9-15 staves £7  £9   £12

Medium to large orchestra

16-23 staves £9  £12   £14

Very large orchestral  / choral

24-30 staves £12  £14   £16

Large format works

30+ staves £14  £16   £20

Note on copyright: conventional music publishers have, since 1911 at least,

asked if not demanded, that a composer assign his or her copyright to the publisher, together with a 50% share of all performing rights.  This contrasts with normal book publishing where the publisher has simply the licence to print.  This latter is the practice of Da Capo Music Ltd.

Whatever the advantage of assignation, and we as composers can see none, the major disadvantage is that the composer has lost possession of his intellectual property, and any rights over the work if the publisher folds.  In the worst cases, composers have lost their copyrights to another company in these cases and have been unable to have their works promoted if the new company wishes not to do so.  

To buy back one's copyright from a music publisher is expensive!  For a detailed account of some of the horrors of music publishing, see the autobiographical essay in:  

The Music of Anthony Hedges,

Ed. Colin Bayliss  ISBN  0-904452-48-8 (pp. xviii - xxiv)