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I’m singing backwards for Christmas!

A seasonal quiz

Here are 20 Christmas carols and songs …

On the left column you can hear me sing the mp3s backwards - see if you can work out the titles of the Carols and Christmas songs.

In the central column you can hear mp3s of the original versions performed forwards.

On the right column you can see the titles (click for text files).

Vocal/Choral carols

No 1 backwards                  No 1 forwards                    Title

No 2 backwards                   No 2 forwards                    Title

No 3 backwards                   No 3 forwards                    Title

No 4 backwards                   No 4 forwards                    Title

No 5 backwards                   No 5 forwards                    Title

No 6 backwards                  No 6 forwards                    Title

No 7 backwards                  No 7 forwards                    Title

No 8 backwards                  No 8 forwards                    Title

No 9 backwards                   No 9 forwards                    Title

No 10 backwards                 No 10 forwards                 Title

No 11 backwards                  No 11 forwards                 Title

No 12 backwards                  No 12 forwards                 Title

No 13 backwards                 No 13 forwards                 Title

No 14 backwards                  No 14 forwards                 Title

Carols on various instruments

No 15 backwards                  No 15 forwards                 Title

No 16 backwards                  No 16 forwards                 Title

No 17 backwards                 No 17 forwards                 Title

No 18 backwards                  No 18 forwards                 Title

No 19 backwards                  No 19 forwards                 Title

No 20 backwards                 No 20 forwards                 Title

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