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I have been composing since 1969, concentrating on lyrical tonal music and experimenting in various modes (particularly the Dorian and Octatonic).
Some of my work is aimed at good amateur musicians (both instrumental and vocal) but other pieces are quite virtuoso, especially solo works for flute, saxophone and violin which have been written for specific professional musicians.
I have also attempted to fill specific "gaps" in the market, in particular songs for alto (or baritone) voice and classical guitar: back in 1969, I asked my local music shop if they had such works.
When they said that they didn't, I immediately began to remedy the situation, and continue to do so, as you can see from my catalogue!


5 organ pieces

5 organ pieces The RNCM finished the refurbishment of their organ this summer and David Carlston Williams was up there, ready and willing.
He recorded my 5 organ pieces, which can now be heard on Bandcamp
Shortly to be released also on CDBaby, itunes and Amazon.
They comprise 5 pieces:
1. Passacaglia - based on an ostinato passage in 3 time. The idea behind the passacaglia relates to the origin of the word, it is basically a gentle stroll down the street ('pasar la calle' in Spanish, which was converted into 'Passacaglia' in Italian)
2. Playtime - about a cat, the composer"s own cat who is playful and rushes around the house but occasionally stopping to pummel the soft furnishings.
3. Dorina - a descriptive piece in Dorian mode based on a song about a cat, from the aptly named village of Chattevoix, who stalks, but never catches, a little bird.
4. Early Evening in Camden Town - a more serious piece, a description of the poor folk in Camden and their dreams of what could be, if only….. It was originally a song, which the composer wrote when he was living in London, based on a poem by fellow Londoner Sandra Erös 'The streets are part of a toy town, waiting to be played with…'.
5. Bishop"s Dance - a curious and comical piece in 11 time (3, 3, 3, 2 - count it!). It comes from the legend of Robin Hood, in which Robin meets the bishop of Hereford, who had hoped to get the better of him, but Robin prevails and forces him to dance. The clumsy attempts of the ungainly Bishop to obey Robin"s commands cause great merriment among the merry men.


The Quiet Way you move me - a Christmas lullaby

The Quiet Way you move me - a Christmas lullaby This song has now undergone so many arrangements that I have almost lost count!
It is certainly one of my favourite tunes.
I am only so sad that the man who wrote the words - Nevil Frenkiel - is no longer with us.
Over the years I have been unsure whether
the words are addressed by the Virgin Mary to her baby Jesus
or by the mother of Barabbas, the name of the play where the lullaby is sung.
I have come to the conclusion that it must be the baby Jesus in view of these lines:
Now within your drowsy eyes
I can see why the world has lost
all its wonders.
A new dream is rising.
impatient to begin.

Here is the new Quiet Way page, with all the versions and performances.


Insspirations Looking through my studio window in Dad"s house in Loughborough I get even more inspiration than in Sale -

Here are a few highlights, from the most recent:

Last Friday I was asked to write a set of 1662 style Preces and Responses for our parish church choir here in Loughborough - so I decided to base them on an East Midlands folk melody (Child"s Ballad 118 - a tune which is often used for the song about Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne: Nottingham and Sherwood forest being fairly close by).
So here it is on Musicaneo

Inspired by photos of my friend Lissie jumping on a trampoline, I indulged in a little Monty Python style animation to give her some more moves
on Youtube

Inspired by bumblebees on our cotoneaster bush, I decided to indulge in a some ipod action and a composition to go with it:
on Youtube

My New Troubadour Blues now has an arrangement for clarinet and guitar - challenging but fun:
on Youtube

My Looking just looking in the personal ads now has an arrangement for flute and guitar by way of accompaniment for old footage of fluffy dogs in Sale park
on Youtube