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I have been composing since 1969, concentrating on lyrical tonal music and experimenting in various modes (particularly the Dorian and Octatonic).
Some of my work is aimed at good amateur musicians (both instrumental and vocal) but other pieces are quite virtuoso, especially solo works for flute, saxophone and violin which have been written for specific professional musicians.
I have also attempted to fill specific "gaps" in the market, in particular songs for alto (or baritone) voice and classical guitar: back in 1969, I asked my local music shop if they had such works.
When they said that they didn't, I immediately began to remedy the situation, and continue to do so, as you can see from my catalogue!


The Pipes are Calling

An orchestral extravaganza reminiscent of Scottish bagpipes (the drone being carried by the violas and cellos and the chanter by the tenor saxophone solo while the flutes and the other string parts come
into the blend with arco and pizzicato passages and the timpanis provide an exciting background).
The score, parts and audio file of the karaoke performance and also of the full performance can be found through
The Pipes are Calling Page
The saxophone soloist here is Viktor Nagy
The orchestra here is The Budapest Scoring Orchestra conducted by Zoltan Pad

The National Anthem of Rheinbergen

This is the national anthem which I wrote for the micronation of Rheinbergen (the length of the river Rhine).
The text was written by Gerard, Fuerst von und zu Rheinbergen, in collaboration with me.
It is very grand and rousing music with just a little pomposity.

The performance here is by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra and Choir under Zoltan Pad (for the orchestra) and Peter Illenyi (for the choir)

Please see the Rheinbergen National Anthem Page
for links to all the audio and video versions (choral, orchestral and solo voice) and to the scores and parts.

Fourpence ha-penny

Variations on Frere Jacques with the title inspired by my Dad who claims (jokingly)
that I earn only fourpence ha-penny for my music.

The score is available at Musica Neo